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January 2018



That Post Where I Talk About How I Am Learning To Be A Better Artist

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Happy Sunday!

There is nothing like an early Sunday morning to relax with a steaming cup of tea to reflect on the past week while making a schedule for the next week. This is how I organize my brain, in a calm and quiet way. The hubby is still snoozing (He is not a morning person) and the kids are either still asleep or quietly occupying themselves until dad wakes and makes his “Daddy’s Sunday  breakfast”. In case you are curious, he either makes pancakes, waffles, or biscuits and gravy. I think that being a morning person, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, unless there is brunch available, then brunch is my favorite meal of the day, totally!

Ok, enough about family life, lets get down to some Art Talk!

I’ve been spending this month organizing my goals for 2018 and trying to implement them at the same time. (yeah, it sounds crazy to me too) Basically, my goal for 2018 is to have a nice portfolio of work to show to future clients/customers/and dare I say fans? While my own art skills are probably hovering somewhere in the intermediate level, there is always room for improvement and I finally figured out how to create my own ‘art student’ environment without actually having to pay those nutty college tuition fees. Here it goes…
Each month is dedicated to an area of study.

For the month of JANUARY that area is (Drum roll)


From there I create an action plan to practice sketching dozens and dozens of figures, hands, faces, and other body parts in the wee morning hours every day during the week. I will also complete more detailed studies and finally come up with a polished sketch and maybe even a final illustration that incorporates all those things I learned. I am aiming for one or two final pieces each month. (fingers crossed)

In the afternoon I am reading and studying videos of my area of study. This month I am currently reading

“Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth” by Andrew Loomis

After spending time on learning about that topic, I come up with ideas for my practice sketches to do the next morning. And thus the cycle continues.

Last week I worked specifically with the male figure. I studied the major muscle groups and drew some hunky figures. This week was spent on female figures and embraces (Hugging). It isn’t easy to make them look natural. In fact, mine started out looking like two paper dolls tangled together, but with more practice and by adding the right values, I think I managed a couple of happy embraces. (with less paper cuts). For this upcoming week I will be sketching more hugs and working on hands. (Probably the most temperamental body part, although I sometimes struggle with noses too.) And by the end of the week, I should have a final piece in the works.

While working, I like to listen to podcasts and videos about artists, creativity, and whatnot. This week I was listening to a ‘Schoolism’ chat with Bobby Chiu on Youtube and I loved this particular quote he said,

“If my being successful is dependent on what people think of me, then I am putting my success in other people’s hands.” Bobby Chiu

This is something I need to work on myself. To care less about the opinions of others and more about my own personal and professional development.

What are some things you are working on for 2018?

Enjoy Creating!

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