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January 2020



Updates and Logos

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Popping in to say that I will be opening an Etsy shop in February. I am aiming to have it up and ready by my birthday (Fingers Crossed!) Here is a little image of the new DrawnToJLC logo. You might notice it on Instagram, Pinterest, and even the new Etsy shop!

“Why is it a raven with a cup of tea on its head?”

Glad you asked! I actually like ravens, and I find their intelligence, antics and inquisitive nature to be charming. They are also a fixture here in the Pacific Northwest, and can even be spotted carved into totem poles. Tea is my favorite beverage, and I often have a steaming cup of it beside me while I am painting. I do my best not to accidentally dip my paintbrush in my teacup and I have caught myself reaching for the paint water when I wanted a sip of tea! Who knew being an artist could be so hazardous!

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